Submission Reject 1: The Roaches Took Over

This was a submission to Save As Writer's Group international writing competition, about a post apocalypse. Looking at the prompt again, I can understand why It didn't win. So I took it and re-wrote it, enjoy. The Roaches Took Over By Taylor Drake Nefarious was the odor flowing through the nasal passage.A taste of bile... Continue Reading →

Blame Game Remix

By Taylor Drake The band Beach Bunny released an EP called Blame Game. When I was listening to the title track on this four-song collection, the powerful riff changed into the hook and I was able to cultivate what David Lynch described as a seed filled with electricity. An idea; when I heard, "Yeah, it's... Continue Reading →

Text Block Slams: February

By Taylor Drake. This is a little word game I like to do on Instagram (@pulpczar), here are the posts for February 2021. Not only does it help me create poems, but it also encourages me to take in new information. This block is pulled from The New Yorker article, "The Marilyn Manson Reckoning." By... Continue Reading →


By Taylor Drake I wrote this one with blood stained hands, where the ink begins and my own claret ends, I can't say. A stone mason's hammer swipes away at my frontal lobe. Every few minutes the friction bears a lowly glint and the scenario replays. This tattered screen opens with a static watermark strolling... Continue Reading →

MF Doom Dedication.

By Taylor Drake Pic from HighRiser on Facebook. Life is hard to look at knowing you aren't lingering behind the scenes. Probably sipping green MD from a rust-colored glass, perched from a vantage point. Or stepping out the cobblestone cove after hours, smelling like barmaid perfume, draped in a trench coat to hide old girl... Continue Reading →

Alpha Jerk Album Review

By Taylor Drake The pool of sensations, sights, and flavors can vary. The elated experiences are short-lived, nothing overstays its welcome. The after glow makes for a graceful stage left. On Jan.1, 2021 , Key! and Tony Seltzer released their collaborative album, The Alpha Jerk. Key! aka, Fat Man Key is an independent rapper from... Continue Reading →

Rappers Deserve Life

By Taylor Drake Image from The original draft of this piece was called "Rappers Must Die". It was about my dislike for black rappers who coon for attention, the promotion of drugs, and toxic non-black participants. All of those opponents, I wish the worst for, but the over all theme just seemed tone deaf... Continue Reading →

“To Pimp A Butterfly” Review

By Taylor Drake The evils of Lucy manipulate the hatred and wicked desires within us, An internal struggle, Leading to hatred of people we never met before, The same reason guilt isn't apart of killing a mocking bird, Is the reason no tears are shed when you pimp a butterfly. On Mar.16 Compton MC, Kendrick... Continue Reading →

“You’re Dead” by Flying Lotus Music Review

By Taylor Drake Printed on November 10,2014 from The Clipper Picture:"You're Dead" album cover//Courtesy of A sonic painting that pulls you into a spiritual journey, a smooth ride through the afterlife. Experimental multi-genre producer and rapper, Flying Lotus, released his fifth studio album “You’re Dead” on Oct. 6. Flying Lotus was once an intern... Continue Reading →

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